My father was born in 1921.  He learned to farm and grow good food because he had to during the Great Depression.  Once he married and had a family of 7 children, the value of a garden and fruit trees became once more very important.

I have fond memories of playing rabbit with fresh carrots and running through rows of potato plants in the heat of the day, knocking the potato bugs off, running as fast as we could so our bare feet didn’t burn.

As a young man, I sold raspberries to local grocery stores beginning at 12 years old for 50 cents a pint.  I learned how to prune fruit trees working for an elderly couple, Norma and Nelson Boehm of Whitehouse, Ohio.  I received $3 per hour working their garden, pruning their trees and whatever they needed for their produce stand.

I grow  produce without pesticides and using heirloom and especially non gmo seeds for my family and yours.  It is my pleasure to grow a large garden with a variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs, honey and maple syrup.  My wife makes soaps (www.abundancesoaps.com) and you will find some goodies from her here and there.


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